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  • ‘Live’ system - constantly updated database

  • ‘One-stop – read guidance documents at the click of a button

  • Bespoke output - all output can be branded with your logo and contact information

  • Active guidance list - two clicks of a mouse button to get a list of guidance that are currently out on consultation

  • Forward activity facility – create schedules of guidance due for public release over the coming weeks or months

  • Saved search facility – set-up and save searches of guidance you want to monitor regularly

  • Portfolio facility – create schedules matching individual properties to relevant guidance

  • Output – print or e-mail schedules to clients and colleagues

  • News items – keep in touch with the latest plan related news


The database currently monitors all SPGs and SPDs prepared by Regional, County & District authorities in the London, South East and East of England regions. Expansion of the service into other areas of the UK is planned.

Guidance is monitored from identification in authority’s Local Development Schemes, through consultation to final approval. Information is provided on the relevant contact at the authority, the telephone number as well as that authority’s web address and a link to the guidance concerned. Where possible a copy of the guidance document is ‘attached’ to each record providing a ‘one-stop find and read’ facility.

The web based system

The web based addendum database is straightforward and incorporates five levels of search functionality:

  • QUICK SEARCH – allowing a user to perform a quick search by authority name.

  • STANDARD SEARCH – allows a user to undertake more refined or complex searches involving multiple authorities and the status of guidance. Searches can be saved and re-called at any time. All saved searches are personal to an individual user.

  • PORTFOLIO SEARCH – allows the user to input details of individual client property portfolios and link them to specific guidance. Facilities are provided enabling client specific references to be included against each property and for individual comments to be assigned to each guidance record.

  • ACTIVE GUIDANCE – quick identification of guidance that is currently at the consultation stages.

  • FORWARD ACTIVITY FACILITY – allows the user to create schedules of guidance that are due to be released for consultation over the coming weeks or months


The system recognises the profile of each user, enabling any output to be branded with the logo and contact details of that individual. Schedules produced from the system can be printed off or e-mailed directly to clients and colleagues.

Further information

For further information on the monitoring Service and details of the various subscription levels contact:

Laura Ross
addendum Ltd
8 Westville Avenue
West Yorkshire
LS29 9AH

Tel (+44) 01943 604561